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Exonerated of Rape 35 years later now gets 1,700,00.00

After being in prison for 35 years a man has bee exonerated and has received 1,700,000.00. This is in the first set of cases that have gone through a Michigan law that gives money to those that have been convicted wrongfully. Edward Carter is the recipient of this and as this new law allows 50,000.00 a year for every year in prison if overturned with it being based with new evidence.

Mr. Carter was released in 2010 from prison when his fingerprints that are still on file from an assault that points the finger at somebody else.

Wanting to end the distractions

Carl Paladino’s lawyer says that his client is appealing the state edu commissioner decision, he has said that he was partially influenced by the mood of the country as of now with regard to the white nationalist rally in VA. Dennis Vacco (Paladino’s lawyer) said that he was taken off the board when he was discussing/acting in the teacher contract conciliations. But there was a campaign for his removal of that started last month when he started to insult the former President Barack Obama. When he told a newspaper about working on Donald Trump’s and saying that he hoped that Obama would die of mad cow disease.

The protesters that wanted Carl Paladino off the board were regulars to the meetings. Since the incident that Carl Paladino was part of the anti Carl Paladino calls have stepped up. Carl Paladino replied publicly that this was a violation of his free speech.

The state edu commissioner MaryEllen Elia said that her decision to remove Carl Paladino was based on improperly talking about teacher contract negotiations. This was following a five day hearing.

The ‘Snowflakes’ and ‘nut cases’ magistrate judge retires

A masgistrate judge has resigned in Georgia after some Facebook comments that he made about “snowflake” and “nut case” counter protesters that were tearing down all of the Confederate statues. He offered his resignation on Wednesday.

Hammer Blum sad that Hinkle had “dutifully served” for 14 years, but knows that his statements have disrupted the mission of the court, which provides justice for all.

He wrote on his Facebook page “It looks like all of the snowflakes have no concept of history,”. He also wrote in another post “The nut cases tearing down Confederate monuments are equivalent to ISIS destroying history,”.

This was quickly followed with a suspension on Tuesday. Hinkle said that he did not see anything controversial with the post he made.

Dirt biking, Arrest, and Rapper Meek Mill

Rapper Meek Mill has been charged with reckless endangerment when riding an illegal dirt bike through New York.

Rapper Meek Mill’s real name Robert Rihmeek Williams was doing wheelies on Wednesday night. But soon after they appeared on instagram they disappeared. Mill’s lawyer said that he was being singled out because he was a celebrity.