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At Circ Legal all of our advise and information is free. But in no way should this advise be taken for law and or we are not your lawyers so please do not act as if we are. We are representatives in the the legal field. We put out the legal news that we think that is important so if you if you see a piece that you would like for us to report on please let us know. We will get on it and put it on our front page.

You can call us or you can email us ether way we will try to get you the news that you are looking for.

Below is the listing of our staff


– Hi my name is Terry. I have a background in Personal Injury and Bankruptcy. I have represented many accident victims and have had many successful jury trials and settlements. But where I shine is in mediations and arbitrations. I have won millions of dollars for my past victims of personal injury and saved millions for my bankruptcy clients. I would like to help you with your personal injury/bankruptcy if you need it. I do all the articles regarding anything that is personal injury and or bankruptcy related.


– As I have over 20 years experience in Mass Tort. Ranked as a Super Lawyer and one of the Best Lawyers in America. I love giving my clients that have been wronged a voice in there trial. As I hold those that have done wrong responsible for the actions/products that they have served wrongly. If you need my services please email me or call me at my office. I have claimed tens of millions of dollars for my clients and if need be I can do that for you. My service article wise to Circ Legal is anything regarding mass tort.


– As a Criminal Defense lawyer my job to make sure the innocent stay that way… innocent. My job revolves around those who are innocent being charged with a crime they are not responsible for. I have helped many clients that were falsely accused stay out of jail/prison for what they were innocent of. If you need my help just email me on my business email and I will be in contact with you within 48 hours. Helping the innocent is my passion in life. My volunteer work for Circ Legal is with anything involving Criminal Defense.

If you have any question please drop us a line.